A New Year

2006 is here, and for the second year in a row I’ve spent the beginning of the new year in Europe.  Last year it was Paris, and this year it was Stuttgart, and our Stuttgart experience was about 100 times more pleasant than it was in Paris. Rebecca and I just had a quiet night and watched fireworks from our living room, from which we can see nearly the entire downtown of Stuttgart.
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Christmas in Stuttgart

It's amazing to think that I've now been in Stuttgart for 4 and a half months. Only 6 more weeks and I can claim the 6 months mark. Four and a half months doesn't sound too long, but when I put it in terms years - half a year - it suddenly becomes a much bigger amount of time. Four and a half months brings me to the middle of December, which means that there's only another week until Christmas.
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Another week

Today marks the last week that I’ll be in Charleston before leaving for Germany.  In some ways I was glad that things were slightly delayed because I got to spend time with friends whom I won’t be seeing for a while.  This is going to be a hectic week as I have to start packing and finishing up a ton of stuff that I’ve been meaning to do (and putting off).
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