Migrating to Google Apps (and getting everything working)

For the last few years I’ve been using Gmail exclusively and have been forwarding emails to to my Gmail account. Google’s spam filters are the best I’ve ever seen, and the interface is elegant and fast, and combined with loads of storage and IMAP access, Gmail is nearly the perfect email application. The XMPP integration is just icing on the cake. Because of these features, I voluntarily gave up having a customized email address on my personal domain to take advantage of Google’s infrastructure and technology.
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Where's the "Undo" on Google Reader?

There’s been a bunch of press lately about Google Reader’s new features, most notably the “Friends’ shared items” section and Profiles. A handful of people were instantly complaining about the lack of privacy and control, but I don’t really see Google’s implementation as a problem. It seems pretty simple to go to “Manage friends” and hide the contacts you don’t want looking at your shared items, but this really kind of defeats the purpose of using your shared items to begin with.
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Google Docs How-To

The Network is becoming more the Computer.

Giant Bug Attacks Stuttgart

Google Map’s cameras caught this bug in the midst of an attack on Stuttgart. It also looks like it’s crapping all over the field. Crikey!