Surfing in Munich.. in the winter!

A few years ago a good friend and I were walking through Munich’s famed Englischer Garten when we came across some guys surfing in a fast-flowing canal. It was really amusing to see these guys surf back and forth for a minute or two before falling or conceding to the next surfer. While it was highly unusual to see people surfing downtown in a city, it was at least summer-time and quite hot.
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Wedding over, Pictures online

We’ve finally recieved our pictures from the photographer, over a month after our wedding (that’s another blog entry). About a third of the pictures are on, so head on over there to see our gallery. Be sure to add comments and contribute your own photos taking during our celebration in our Wedding Images Group. Thanks again to everyone for helping us celebrate.

Esslingen Wine Hike

Rebecca and I had a great time today in Esslingen at the annual Esslingen Weinwandertag, an annual wine hike through the vineyards surrounding the town of Esslingen. We started off in Esslingen and wandered up a path leading to the vineyards and a few hours (and many wine glasses) later we arrived in Mettingen. At the start in Esslingen, we purchased a wineglass with a leather strap that brilliantly holds the glass upright around your neck, and every few hundred meters along the path we filled up with some delicious local wine and German snacks.
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Gerber Daisy

Chrys lent me his Canon 100mm macro lens a few weeks ago, and I haven’t really played with it until now. Rebecca and I came back from Obi with a ton of new plants and flowers for our balcony, after we planted them I had a good excuse to use the lens. Wow, what a sharp lens. I’m impressed.

Zooomr, a Flickr challenger?

There's a new photohosting site that just got out of public beta - Zooomr.  The similarities between it and Flickr don't just stop at the name - the rest of the site seems to take all of Flickr's good UI points as well.  However, it's obvious that the people responsible for Zooomr, BlueBridge Technologies Group, fully intend to innovate. Homer!Hosted on Zooomr One of the first thing you notice when you go to register at Zooomr is that you don't have to actually register.
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