Where's the "Undo" on Google Reader?

There’s been a bunch of press lately about Google Reader’s new features, most notably the “Friends’ shared items” section and Profiles. A handful of people were instantly complaining about the lack of privacy and control, but I don’t really see Google’s implementation as a problem. It seems pretty simple to go to “Manage friends” and hide the contacts you don’t want looking at your shared items, but this really kind of defeats the purpose of using your shared items to begin with.
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de.php.net has an invalid DNS entry

For a few days now, I’ve been unable to reach http://de.php.net, not because the site has been down but because of incorrect DNS configuration by de.php.net’s Germany host. When you request a PHP manual page, PHP.net does this trick of geo-locating your IP and redirects you to your closet PHP.net mirror. If you take a look, de.php.net is actually a CNAME record for php3.globe.de, which is in turn authoritative at ns1.
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Streamburst is brilliant

I just came across Streamburst via Techcrunch. Within minutes, I was happily downloading In Search of the Valley at a blistering 8-9 megabits per second, probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to topping out my 16-megabit ADSL connection. By the time I finish this blog post, a full DRM-free 1.1 gigabyte DVD-quality movie will be ready to watch, all for $7.99. That’s brilliant. I went to ISOTV’s website, added the downloadable movie to my part, and paid using paypal.
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The Family Connection

I recently got married, and one of the results of marriage is that you gain some new family members. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my cousin-in-laws, Jackson West, is writing for NewTeeVee, a newly found GigaOm-network website devoted to web video. It was only a few months ago that I found out Jackson was as much a pyromaniac as I am, as we tried to rig together as many bottle rockets as possible in one go.
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Looking to kill a few minutes? Like Jackson Pollock?. Just move your mouse around at jacksonpollock.org and create your own. Left click to change color, and the rest is natural.

Finally seeing some services based on Amazon's S3

Months ago Amazon announced S3, which promised unlimited, fast, and inexpensive storage of any kind as a web service. For $.15/gig/month storage and $.20/gig/month bandwidth, it instantly gives anyone with some programming knowledge the ability to use an enterprise class storage network with zero up front cost. Anyway, today I stumbled upon jungledisk and elephantdrive. JungleDisk seems more like a project than a commercial venture, since you download one of their clients and plug in your own s3 account.
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An amazing juggler

If you like the Beatles, you’ll find this video clip amazing. I keep expecting him to drop something, but he keeps rocking out. He’s much better than the jugglers I see here on Stuttgart’s Koenigstrasse. :)

PHP Scalability?

Brian Fioca of Jobby recently talked to Owen Bryne, senior software engineer and one of the co-founders of digg.com, about the scalability of PHP on big sites.  It turns out at digg.com, PHP scales really well: To get a better idea of what was in store for a heavily loaded PHP application, I set up an interview with Owen Byrne, cofounder and Senior Software Engineer at digg.com. From talking with Owen I learned digg.
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Zooomr, a Flickr challenger?

There's a new photohosting site that just got out of public beta - Zooomr.  The similarities between it and Flickr don't just stop at the name - the rest of the site seems to take all of Flickr's good UI points as well.  However, it's obvious that the people responsible for Zooomr, BlueBridge Technologies Group, fully intend to innovate. Homer!Hosted on Zooomr One of the first thing you notice when you go to register at Zooomr is that you don't have to actually register.
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