I can finally check this off

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A little bit of the YUI Library, lots of Drupal, and about two weeks of on and off work has resulted in a new theme for my site. It’s been long overdue for a makeover. The overarching goal was simplicity and good UI, and I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

Yahoo’s YUI is pretty easy to integrate into Drupal, and allowed me to get started quickly. From the YUI library, I’m getting a good Grid-based layout and a ton of rendering and UI improvement tweaks that I would otherwise overlook. I highly recommend the YUI library.

Right now it’s about 75% done, but that last 25% of CSS is where the quirks and bugs start to show up and will take a ton of time to iron out. I think it’s good enough for now, and I’ll try to fix things over the next few weeks as I notice them. If I ever get around to generalizing some of my hacks, I’ll probably put the entire theme up for download.