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A few months ago I was asked if I could create a small website for my high school graduating class’ 10 year reunion. My immediate thought was “Wha? It’s been 10 years already?!,” but it turns out no, I graduated high school only 8 years ago. I’ve got another two years to go (Yes, the reunion is a long ways off, but look how quickly the last 8 years passed!).

But, that still leads me to feeling old, especially now that I rely on my sister, 10 years younger than me, to keep me up to date on all things hip. Then I come across chain mails like “25 Signs You’re Getting Old,” where during my youth I would have brushed off as a stupid forward. Now, I’m remarkably fascinated by it and think that every single item on the list is true (and funny!).

So anyway, in the midst of my mid-20s crisis I decide that I should probably work on this class reunion website that I promised our class president. From the time of domain registration to its currently (partially) complete state, it only took me about 3 hours, and the vast majority of that time was spent trying to fix the poor quality of the Wando logo I found online. Drupal 5’s amazing power and flexibility really allows for rapid development of basic sites, and yet can still scale to do extremely complex sites like NowPublic and FlixYa. I didn’t even have to install new code since I just used my existing codebase and created a new settings.php file. And the new default theme, Garland, is nice enough out of the box where I can just adjust the colors and call it a day.

Open source is wonderful.